There’s Nothing to See Here

To the astonishment of everyone around, there’s nothing to see here. Go back to what you were doing. Sure, it wasn’t that important, but more important than a non-existent nothing. Maybe there was something to see earlier. It could have included bells. Whistles if you will. Now it’s gone.

Geometric shape names can be heard reverberating back and forth.

That is if it was even there at all.

Bubbles float down from the ceiling.

Perhaps there is something to see here. Would I hide anything from you? Ask yourself this: how can one conceal that which is nothing? There’s nothing to see here.

Hungarian dance music begins to play and then silenced by a series of shushes 

You may panically whisper “why are you in my house?” Or you might go for the traditional “I’m calling the Cops!” Well go ahead. Call everybody. Call everyone and tell them how we’re here and there’s nothing to see. Go on.

An elephant shrieks off in the distance.

But I digress. The point of the matter being… This apparent kerfuffle may best be understood as a Vin Diesel diagram. I looked it up, that’s what it’s called. Now one circle is labeled ‘nothing’ and the other is labeled “to see here.” We’re at a point smack dab in the middle, a third circle combined from the other two. A circle which we will refer to as “there’s nothing to see here.”

An Octopus wearing a top hat starts to wiggle.   

Wiggling in the sense that there’s nothing to see here. Pay no attention to that. Is that yours? There’s nothing to see here! Are those sirens from outside or are they ours? Hey, come back!









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